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5 Reasons You Should NOT Switch From ReCharge to Upscribe

We know assessing software and contemplating a switch can feel overwhelming and complicated.

Should I switch?

Is it worth it?

Will this improve my business?

All great, but big questions. If you’re thinking about switching from ReCharge and wondering if transitioning to Upscribe is right for you, we want to make it easy for you to know if it’s actually the right move for your brand. Upscribe isn’t for everyone–it’s for fast-growing eCommerce brands who are ready to double down on their subscriptions.

1. Subscriptions are not a core focus for your business.

If subscriptions aren’t a core focus for your brand or customers and recurring orders don’t drive significant revenue for your business, don’t switch. Upscribe was built on the premise that subscriptions (and retention) are key for long-term growth. Subscriptions don’t need to make up the majority of your revenue, but they should be an important driver.

Most subscription eCommerce solutions were built to focus on managing recurring payments and orders. If you’re just trying to do this, don’t switch to Upscribe. But if subscriptions are a core focus for your fast-growing brand and delivering a best-in-class subscription experience for customers matters to you, then it might be time to migrate.

2. You don’t think retention is sexy.

If you break into dance every time you acquire a new customer (literally or figuratively–no judgment here) but don’t have the same enthusiasm when you retain an on-the-fence customer, then you won’t appreciate what Upscribe does best. We know retention is a growth strategy and hey, from a business standpoint, that’s sexy. And, we’ve learned that you can’t have low churn and high LTV in this day and age without focusing on post-purchase.

That’s why we built our product around optimizing the post-purchase experience so that your brand has multiple touchpoints with subscribers. In addition to the customer portal, we’ve enabled native one-click actions in email and SMS to engage and delight subscribers. You can also execute actions like discounts or gifts for cohorts you build based on the criteria you set.

3. You don’t want access to a best-in-class customer portal.

One of ReCharge’s features is its Theme Engine, which lets merchants build a customized customer portal. If you have extra budget and access to developer resources, then ReCharge might be right for you–if you pay for their Pro plan. But if you want best-in-class, you’ll appreciate how Upscribe approaches the customer portal experience.

Yes, you can also fully customize ours however you want. But our out-of-the-box portal leverages extensive market research and UX best practices from top eCommerce subscription brands. We believe the way to win is to start with what’s already working and build up from there. And Upscribe continues to iterate, incorporating feedback from current customers.

4. You prefer a subscription tech stack to a subscription solution.

If you prefer integrating with additional third-party apps to run your eCommerce subscription business, then you shouldn’t switch to Upscribe. ReCharge lets you integrate with different applications that enable in-checkout and post-checkout upsells, one-click actions like skipping a shipment in upcoming shipment emails and a myriad of other features.

With Upscribe, these features are native to our solution. Sure, we integrate for payment processing, email and other more fundamental aspects to your subscription business. But we don’t believe you should pay extra for important features related to subscriptions. If you’re happy with your subscription tech stack instead of a subscription solution, don’t switch to Upscribe.

5. You like paying more for support and transactions.

ReCharge offers four different support add-on plans you can choose from to tack on to your monthly bill. There’s nothing wrong with that per se, and if you’re happy paying more to get more, don’t bother switching. At Upscribe, we approach things differently. There are no support add-on plans–just responsive support with swift troubleshooting for every customer.

We believe pricing should be straightforward, always. The only fee we charge is a percent per transaction. We don’t charge a flat rate per transaction or a monthly fee. With us, it’s one fee, not three (and definitely not four if you’re counting a support add-on). We believe in simplicity and transparency, and guarantee you’ll see cost savings when you switch.

But hey, not everyone really cares about saving money :-).