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Here Are the Best-Selling Products We’ve Found on Shopify (+ Examples)

In a bustling world of online commerce, where trends and preferences constantly evolve, finding the next best-selling products can be difficult.

At Upscribe, we’ve helped thousands of Shopify businesses find sustainable growth through subscription products—so we know a thing or two about what sells. In this guide, we’ll share our list of the nine best-selling products on Shopify.

Let’s dive in.

What Is Shopify?

Shopify is a powerhouse in the world of e-commerce—it’s an all-in-one solution for creating, managing, and growing an online store.

At its core, Shopify provides the tools and features needed to build an attractive online storefront, manage inventory, process orders, and accept payments securely. It’s a comprehensive platform that takes care of the technical aspects of e-commerce so business owners can focus on what they do best—running and growing their businesses.

The platform offers a range of customizable themes, a user-friendly interface, and a variety of apps and integrations that add missing functionality. For example, Upscribe integrates with Shopify to enable customer-centric subscriptions.

You can use Upscribe to set up subscription plans, manage customer orders and payments, and track subscription analytics. Thanks to the integration with Shopify, all of this can be done from a single platform.

What Are the Benefits of Selling Products on Shopify?

Easy-to-Use E-Commerce Platform

Shopify is renowned for its user-friendliness. Whether you’re a seasoned e-commerce pro or just starting, the platform’s intuitive interface makes setting up and managing your online store easy.

You don’t need to be a tech guru to get started—Shopify’s simplicity ensures you can focus on your products and customers rather than wrestling with complex technicalities.

Safety and Reliability

Safety and reliability are paramount in e-commerce. Shopify takes care of the technical aspects for you, offering secure hosting and protection for your online store. Your customers can trust that their data is safe, and your store remains operational and responsive, even during traffic spikes or high-demand periods.

24/7 Customer Support

Running an online store means you might encounter challenges or questions at any time. That’s where Shopify’s 24/7 customer support comes in. Their dedicated support team is available around the clock to assist you with any concerns or inquiries, ensuring you receive the help you need when you need it.

Customizable Themes

First impressions matter, and Shopify understands that. It offers a wide range of customizable themes, allowing you to create a unique and visually appealing storefront that aligns with your brand. Whether you’re selling fashion, electronics, or art, Shopify’s themes can be tailored to showcase your products in the best possible light.

Low Startup Costs

When starting an online store, there are typically several expenses to consider.

Shopify provides affordable pricing plans that cater to various budgets, making it easier for entrepreneurs and small businesses to begin without overspending. Plus, you can adjust your plan according to your business growth, ensuring that your expenses remain in line with your success.

The basic plan starts at a reasonable rate of only $39 per month, which is affordable even for those on a tight budget. If you require more advanced features and functionality, Shopify will cost you $105 per month. The Advanced plan costs $399 monthly and includes access to more features such as gift cards, abandoned cart recovery, and advanced report builders.

Criteria To Consider When Choosing a Product To Sell on Shopify

Supplier Reputation

Selecting a product with a reputable supplier is a crucial foundation for your Shopify store.

A trustworthy supplier ensures that you receive quality products on time, which, in turn, leads to satisfied customers. Building a strong supplier relationship is key to a reliable and consistent product source, helping you maintain a positive reputation in the e-commerce world.

Check out our guide to wholesale costs for advice on working with suppliers.

Market Trends

Staying in tune with market trends is vital when choosing a product to sell on Shopify. It helps you identify products that are in demand and align with current consumer preferences.

Exploding Topics (or any other keyword research tool) is a great resource to use for finding popular products and understanding their popularity over time. Longevity is important, too, though—it’s better to focus on products that will remain popular and have a long shelf life.

Fulfilling a Unique Need

Selling a product that fulfills a unique need or solves a specific problem can set your Shopify store apart. By addressing an unmet requirement, you cater to a niche market that may have limited competition. This approach can lead to a loyal customer base and stronger brand recognition as you become a go-to source for a particular solution.


Understanding your target demographic is essential for product selection. Different products appeal to different age groups, genders, and geographic locations. Tailoring your product offerings to your intended audience can enhance customer engagement, improve conversion rates, and result in higher customer satisfaction.

By considering the demographic, you can fine-tune your product selection to meet the specific needs and preferences of your potential customers.

9 Best-Selling Products on Shopify

Shopify is home to an array of products that have captured the hearts of online shoppers—but finding them can be tricky. To save you some time, here’s our list of the top nine best-selling products on Shopify:

  1. Home products
  2. Beauty products
  3. Pet products
  4. Hobby and leisure
  5. Home office equipment and consumer electronics
  6. Smartphone accessories
  7. Digital products
  8. Supplements
  9. Candles

Now, let’s dive into the details.

1. Home Products

Home products are a major expenditure for US adults, with the average purchase totalling $2,600 per person. There are all kinds of sub-niches to explore—from home décor to furniture—that can appeal to different customer needs and preferences.


One example of a home product that’s selling well right now is coverless duvets. People have slowly but surely tired of traditional duvet covers and are deciding not to bother with them at all.

And as an added bonus, bedding is the second most profitable sub-categories within the home products space (behind rugs). Many bedding businesses see profit margins as high as 45% due to the lower cost of manufacturing.

2. Beauty Products

Beauty products are an evergreen niche with tons of exciting product opportunities.

The average American spends $1,754 per year on beauty and skincare products, but some segments spend much more. Gen Z spends an average of $2,048 per year, while millennials spend $2,670 per year.

What product categories are especially popular? Here’s a breakdown:

  • Skincare (30%)
  • Haircare (30%)
  • Makeup (10%)
  • Salons (9%)
  • Procedures (5%)
  • Other (4%)

So, skincare, haircare, and makeup are where you’ll find the most potential customers.


Caldera + Lab offers skincare enthusiasts a 3-product package called The Regimen.

The focus is on simple, natural, scientifically-backed ingredients that deliver results. They’ve also found a ton of success by offering a replenishment subscription with Upscribe—customers can subscribe for a discounted rate and never run out of their favorite products.

3. Pet Products

Pet ownership numbers have skyrocketed around the world in recent years. And if there’s one thing pet owners love, it’s spoiling their new family members.

Pet products resonate with the emotional connection people have with their animals. This product category is massive, too—there are tons of different avenues to explore. On the one hand, there are recreational products (toys, beds, etc.), and on the other, you could focus on health and wellness (supplements, pet food, etc.).


A straightforward example is dog toothbrushes. In 2022, there was a massive spike in demand for these products that hasn’t let up since.

If you run a Shopify store that caters to pet owners, you could have capitalized on this trend by offering dog toothbrushes in your store. This would not only generate a lot of sales but also keep customers coming back so they don’t run out of their favorite products.

4. Hobby and Leisure

Hobbies and leisure activities are a great way to make money online. Anything that people can do in their free time can be monetized with the right products and services—think games, sports gear, books, and even digital subscriptions.


Monitors are a must-have tool for avid gamers—and that makes them an excellent opportunity for Shopify store owners.

If you sell monitors through your store, you could attract customers looking to upgrade their gaming setup or even those just starting out in the world of PC gaming.

5. Home Office Equipment and Consumer Electronics

The surge in remote work and the need for tech solutions have spurred demand for home office equipment and consumer electronics. These products offer functionality, convenience, and adaptability, helping people create efficient workspaces and stay connected, which leads to their high sales.


Mechanical keyboards are seeing a resurgence among younger generations—just look at the success of NuPhy (a leading manufacturer).

Mechanical keyboards are a great niche to get into due to the customization and number of parts involved with the hobby. People need to buy switches, keycaps, a case, and sometimes even additional accessories like picks and a strap.

Other peripherals (like headsets, mice, chairs, lighting, mousepads, etc.) pair well with a mechanical keyboard, and they’re often sold in sets.

6. Smartphone Accessories

With smartphones as integral parts of modern life, accessories like protective cases, chargers, and personalized items are highly sought after. These products enhance the usability and personalization of smartphones, addressing the diverse needs of users and driving their popularity.


A personalized smartphone case is designed to offer not only protection for your smartphone but also a touch of individuality. Users can customize the case with their preferred design, whether it’s a family photo, a favorite quote, or a unique pattern.

7. Digital Products

Digital products include games, ebooks, movies, music, software, and apps. With the growth of the online marketplace, digital products are becoming increasingly popular as they are often more convenient to access than physical products.


One great example of the popularity of digital products has been the rise of Gumroad.

This platform lets you create an online store to sell digital products, including e-books, software, and art. And the good news is that you can appeal to the same audience through your Shopify store.

8. Supplements

Supplements appeal to health-conscious consumers seeking ways to support their well-being. Natural and wellness-focused supplements address a variety of health needs, and their perceived benefits contribute to their popularity. They serve as a proactive approach to staying healthy.


AG1 is an excellent example of the potential to be found in this niche.

Packed with 75 premium vitamins, minerals, and whole-food sourced nutrients, this comprehensive supplement supports the optimal health of your brain, body, and gut. And it’s one of (if not the) most popular supplements on the market today.

AG1 uses Upscribe’s subscription commerce platform to enhance the subscriber experience and understand their customers better. Subscribers have full control over their subscriptions thanks to Upscibe’s self-service portal, and their user data allows AG1 to provide personalized recommendations and promotions.

The result? Unprecedented customer loyalty.

9. Candles

Candles are beloved for their aesthetic and sensory appeal. They create a calming ambiance, offer a range of scents and designs, and can be customized for various occasions. The versatility and emotional resonance of candles make them timeless and popular items.


You might think candles are a monolith, but certain kinds of candles often trend independently of others.

At the moment, statement candles are selling especially well—these are boldly scented candles meant to be a core part of a home’s decor. This is an easy product to source and add to your store. Plus, candles are prime candidates for cross-selling!


Shopify is a great platform to launch a store—but product selection can still be a challenging, risky process. The items on this list are a starting point, but there are thousands of worthy products that didn’t make the cut this time. Doing your own research will help you land on the best products for your store.

If you’re interested in generating more predictable revenue, consider choosing products that work well as subscriptions and use Upscribe to add powerful subscription growth features to your Shopify store. From subscriber portals to subscription analytics, Upscribe can help you make subscription selling more profitable.

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