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4 reasons to offer Build-a-Box for your ecommerce business

The Build-a-Box feature has become a popular product offering that consumers crave in subscription and ecommerce shopping experiences. What used to be a feature reserved for larger brands is now available for brands of any size.

Offering a Build-a-Box allows your customers to select their own assortment of products for their box (either as part of a subscription or as a one-time purchase). This is beneficial for your business because it will help to increase your average order value (AOV) and customers lifetime value (LTV) as well as potentially impacting the return on ad spend (ROAS) for any first time purchaser. Moving these metrics has become especially important as ad costs have spiked to all time highs.

Let’s dive a bit deeper into the importance of Build-a-Box and highlight four reasons as to why you should consider offering one on your Shopify store:

Build-a-Box gives customers the flexibility to select exactly the products that they want in their box

Oftentimes a consumer may subscribe to a “subscription box” service where they get a random assortment of products every month. And the products that come in the box may or may not have value to the subscriber. If the customer receives enough products in the box that they are not interested in, they would be more likely to churn from the subscription box. However, when you offer a build-a-box product on your site, the customer gets to select exactly what they want in that box. This gives them the control over what appears in their subscription Build-a-Box which will likely translate into the customer being less likely to churn.

With a Build-a-Box you are essentially letting the consumer fulfill their exact wants and needs which will help them have a more positive association with your brand. This will yield a more brand loyal customer which is exactly what you need if you are going to build a lasting brand.

A Build-a-Box experience provides a more interactive experience with your brand

When a customer subscribes to a “traditional” subscription, the experience for the customer is rather unengaging. The customer simply selects the product that they want to subscribe to, selects the cadence that they want to receive the subscription, pays for it and comes back anytime that they need to edit their subscription. However, when a customer chooses to Build-a-Box with your brand, they are interactively building the assortment of products that they want to receive in it. This is a highly interactive experience, is memorable for the customer and is one that is likely to result in a brand-loyal customer for the brand due to the experience.


As you are building out your experience, it’s important to remember that the most successful digital Build-a-Box experiences are built like a physical customization experience. The more memorable your experience is, the more likely it is that you will develop an engaging following that talks about your experience with their friends that likely draws in referral business for you.

Build-a-Box can help your brand become the “go-to” one-stop for a specific vertical

Competition is more fierce than ever in the shopping landscape, which is why it’s so important for brands to retain their customers. And on the flip-side of the spectrum, it can be overwhelming for consumers to shop around with many different brands. Convenience is important for consumers, which is why when you offer Build-a-Box, you may have the potential to become the consumers’ one-stop shop for all of their needs in a particular area.

Here’s an example of how this could play out. Say you are a brand who sells a wide assortment of organic foods. From organic snacks to beverages to supplements, you are the one-stop shop for consumable organic products. Since you have it all, you could offer a Build-a-Box solution for your organic foods. This would allow the consumer the ability to Build-a-Box of their favorite organic consumables. This would be beneficial because it would allow you to build brand loyalty through offering consumers the convenience of shopping with one online business, rather than having them go through the potential headache of finding and ordering from multiple organic food retailers. This is yet another example showing how the flexibility that Build-a-Box offers can provide brands with a leg up on their competition.

Build-a-Box helps you understand product trends

When you offer consumers the ability to choose the products that they want to receive, you are able to understand which products customers value the most. This gives you valuable insight into the types of products that you should be ordering and understand how much inventory you should be planning to stock. This is priceless information for you to leverage when you are forecasting your product buys and financial modeling during the year. If done correctly, this could eliminate having to liquidate any excess inventory.

For example, you could unlock trends that tell you that two particular products are being bought very commonly together. You could then leverage this information to create a new product offering to drive business and become a more efficient business as a whole.

Offering Build-a-Box on your site is a win-win. It allows you to give your customers exactly what they want, while also giving your business the lift that it potentially needs to get to the next level.

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