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Learn how Bionox has Grown their Subscriber Count by over 180% Since Switching to Upscribe

Developed by a team of health, wellness and nutrition experts, Bionox is a sports and nutrition supplement that bridges the gap between health and sport. They offer holistic products that aim to heal and energize, with no unwanted ingredients. 

The Background 

Over the past year, the team was at a crossroads when it came to growing their business. They were driving most of their revenue on Amazon, but wanted to take stronger control over their growth. Knowing this, they made a decision to invest more energy into growing their Shopify business. In addition to wanting more information about their customers, such as purchasing information and email addresses (which Amazon does not provide to merchants), Matt Crowder, who heads up marketing and technology for Bionox, told us “Amazon was taking about 30% of our sales. We knew that we needed to take greater ownership of our business to grow more profitably, so we put more time and energy into our own Shopify website.” This work included updating the branding, messaging, taking the time to understand their target persona and evaluating their technology stack. 


“Our product is a nutritional supplement. People who take it need to take it regularly to see the benefits of it,” Matt told us. “People can’t just take our supplements for a month and be done with it. In order to really see the benefits of it, they need to take it everyday. As such, the goal of our updated website is to get people to subscribe, not just purchase once.”

Given that Matt and the Bionox team began focusing more time and energy on their own website and building their subscriber base, they started seeing limitations with their previous subscription management software, Recharge.

“As we shifted our focus from Amazon to Shopify and in turn, growing our own subscriber base, we started having serious headaches with Recharge,” Crowder told us. “We had a real difficult time getting timely answers from their support team and our customers were having a lot of difficulty modifying their subscription.”

This created a significant amount of customer support debt for Matt and his team to deal with on a regular basis and was a driving factor in seeking an alternative from Recharge.

The Evaluation Criteria 

As Matt and his team began evaluating replacements for Recharge, they were looking for three main characteristics in a subscription management solution:

  1. A solution that provided them timely customer support in case they had a question or needed advice on how to grow their subscription business. The support that they were receiving from Recharge “took time and once it was received, it was not always clear how to solve the issue.” 
  2. They needed to deploy a strong customer experience to their subscribers. They needed an experience that would make it easy for subscribers to make changes to their subscription. Additionally, they needed an out-of-the-box customer portal that would allow Bionox to deploy a strong subscriber experience without needing to hire an outside developer.  
  3. Since their main focus of their site was and is growing the number of subscribers, they needed a solution that would scale with them.

Bionox Cherry Tart

The Switch & Results 

Upon careful review, Matt and his team switched to Upscribe from Recharge in Q1 of 2023 and he could not be more pleased with the switch.

Upscribe is kind of like the Apple of subscription software. The user interface, in particular the customer portal, is aesthetically clean and every aspect of the software has been thoughtfully designed,” Matt mentioned. Additionally, he told us that “the customer support is great, the team is friendly and always willing to provide us the insights that we need to scale our subscription business.”

Not only has Matt and the Bionox team received the customer support that they need, but they’ve also been able to deliver their subscribers with a better experience. “Our customer portal is so much better than it was with Recharge, it looks very modern and was very easy to go-live with,” Crowder added. “Our subscribers find our new portal much easier to get what they need.” 

All of this has culminated in strong business results for Bionox.

They have seen the number of monthly subscribers increase by “over 180%” since they started using Upscribe.

And that number will only increase as the team continues to put more time and effort into their overall DTC business. 

Bionox is excited to continue to build their subscription business on Upscribe as subscriptions become a more intricate part of their overall business. If you are interested in learning more about how Upscribe can help you grow your subscription business, just like we’ve done for Bionox, feel free to set-up time with our team here.