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How Four Sigmatic Increased Their Active Subscribers by 50%

Four Sigmatic provides crash-free coffee, almost-unbelievable plant protein, and other elevated essentials. Since they provide a balanced solution to folks’ daily routines, being able to manage subscriptions is critical to Four Sigmatic’s continued growth.


In 2015, Four Sigmatic launched their US store with a passive subscription offering on their product pages. Three years later, subscriptions became a priority as they rolled out their membership program with perks like 20% off product discounts and free US shipping.

When Four Sigmatic first launched the program, they used Recharge. First, they had Recharge’s customer portal in place so that customers could manage their subscriptions. However, customers often were unable to make basic changes to their subscriptions; the portal had long page load times and sometimes would be down. This led to their customer service team getting inundated with complaints and unnecessary requests for assistance. Four Sigmatic then paid their agency partner to build a custom-developed portal on top of Recharge’s technology. “Some brands might be intimidated by that type of investment, but we know investing in our members, which are our best customers, and giving them a seamless experience was really important to us,” said Kaitlin Holliday, Senior Manager of Retention at Four Sigmatic.

With Recharge, Four Sigmatic discovered they would have to pay a premium to get features they need as a growing eCommerce brand. They required an out-of-the-box solution with more robust and advanced features including:

The ability to upsell out of the gate — Recharge didn’t provide a simple way to launch a customer portal where Four Sigmatic could send upsell offers to boost LTV.

Complete and accurate analytics — Four Sigmatic needed more advanced reporting than what was available in Recharge’s basic plan. Through Recharge they could only see who churned between first and second shipment, but weren’t able to see how many customers churned per month.

Features that go beyond the obvious — Four Sigmatic outgrew Recharge. They needed a way that customers could manage more than one subscription as some Four Sigmatic customers have multiple, active subscriptions. They were also not able to automatically provide discounts on one-time add-ons to anyone in their membership program.


After switching to Upscribe, Four Sigmatic can now provide a more seamless subscriber experience. Four Sigmatic’s new customer portal loads much faster and has not gone down once.

Reduced customer churn

Kaitlin and the rest of her team now also have a clearer way to track their subscription analytics. With Upscribe’s advanced reporting, Four Sigmatic can dig into the data to drive up customer’s lifetime value and prevent subscribers from churning.

Four Sigmatic decreased their customer churn rates using Upscribe’s cancellation flows. Upscribe integrates with Klaviyo so Four Sigmatic can send these emails automatically based on different actions a customer takes. Now customers see alternative options to canceling based on the reason they indicate. For example, if a customer makes a change in their subscription via the customer portal they can follow up and ask them by email if they’re sure they want to do this.

“To me, the more human we can make our cancellation flow, the more helpful it is for both our customers and us. We want to know how we can improve our products, the shopping experience, and our communication,” said Kaitlin.

An eCommerce partner they can scale with

Four Sigmatic values Upscribe’s powerful product roadmap vision and that they have a voice in shaping the platform’s future.

As they iterate on their member journey and continue to provide a better shopping experience, Four Sigmatic is confident they can execute in partnership with Upscribe.

Moving forward, they’re planning to re-imagine what a mix of a loyal/perk program looks like and how they can execute that in tandem with Upscribe.