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July Upscribe Product Updates

Simply put, we’ve made Upscribe better. Better for our customers and better for our customers subscribers with our latest updates. We’ve made it easier for you to deliver a powerful customer experience that gives your subscribers the ability to manage their orders, while giving you access to more tactics to reduce churn, grow your business and easily connect with other powerful technologies within your tech stack.

Easily Manage Products in a Subscription

You can now more easily manage the products in your subscription. Let’s say that you are a subscriber to a brand that sells coffee and you subscribe to receive five pounds of coffee every month. However, you want to add a new blend to test out with your upcoming delivery. With our latest enhancement, existing subscribers can now easily add that new blend to an existing subscription.

Manage products in a subscription

The ability for a subscriber to seamlessly add or remove a product to an existing subscription gives them the flexibility that they crave, while also saving your time dealing with any potential customer service ramifications. Of course, if you do need to jump into a specific order you can easily update the customer’s order in a few clicks.

Reduce Churn with Churn Deflection

Reducing churn is a key pillar of any subscription-related business. As such, we are excited to roll out new churn deflection actions that will give you the opportunity to stop a subscriber from churning before it happens. Out of the gate, we will allow you to deploy four specific actions to deflect subscriber churn. These actions include:

Seamlessly offer a discount so a subscriber is incentivized to stay with you

Offer a subscription discount

Allow a subscriber to skip their order in a single click, reducing support debt and making the customer experience stronger

Give a subscriber control to change the frequency of their subscription

Make it simple for a subscriber to gift the subscription to a friend

These out-of-the-box churn deflection actions can be pushed live in a matter of minutes and give you what you need to reduce churn and keep growing all while reducing your support debt and creating a powerful customer experience. As deflections happen, the merchant cancellation dashboard will show in real-time which specific actions are moving the needle most for your business. This will give you the insights that you need to make adjustments to your business to get ahead of any potential churn to begin with.

Additionally, we have a setting that you can enable that allows for one-click cancellations that meet specific state legislative requirements. You can forget about worrying about making sure that you are in compliance (we do that for you) so you can focus on what matters most, growing your subscription business

Integrate Upscribe with your Tech Stack

We’ve made it easy for you to integrate Upscribe with the rest of your tech stack. We now offer out-of-the-box integrations with your favorite technology solutions that you use to run your ecommerce business. This includes integrations with Klaviyo, Attentive, and Postscript (with more integrations on the way) which are designed to make it as easy as possible for you to integrate Upscribe with the rest of your tech-stack. Simply follow the steps outlined in the app to easily integrate Upscribe with these engagement tools.

If you are new to subscriptions, explore our tips on how to leverage your Klaviyo account to grow your subscription business here.

Ready to try out these new features and start growing your subscription business? Reach out to us to set-up a demo!