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June Upscribe Product Updates

Winning in today’s ecommerce environment is more challenging than ever. As a brand, you face fierce competition and rising advertising costs, which are some of the reasons that make it difficult to scale your business and capture customer loyalty. At Upscribe, we are laser-focused on helping you overcome these hurdles and providing you the tools that you need to take your Shopify subscription business to the next level.

Our latest product enhancements are designed to help you deliver a stronger customer experience while also giving you access to information that you need to grow your subscription business.

Deliver a Strong Customer Experience with an Updated Customer Portal

It’s no secret that consumers’ expectations have evolved. They expect a professional looking web and mobile experience from the brands that they shop with. With this in mind, we have updated our Customer Portal to have a more modern look and feel. The improved usability of our refreshed interface allows your subscribers to be more comfortable and confident shopping with your brand. The best part? This is available to you out of the box.

You can make any necessary customizations to the portal in a few clicks (and preview your customizations) making it seamless for you to deliver the experience that your subscribers have come to expect.

Preview Customizations

See what a completed customer portal looks like below:

Upscribe Customer Portal

Remove Customer Friction with Passwordless Login

We have all been there before, locked out of an account due to a forgotten password. In fact, according to a recent survey, 65% of respondents indicated that they will forget a password unless they write it down. And more than half of Americans say that they have to execute at least five password resets each month. This creates something that you want to eliminate as a business: friction. In an effort to reduce friction, we have introduced Passwordless Login for your subscribers.

Passwordless Login

The benefits of Passwordless login include:

  • Your subscribers no longer need an account or password to access their subscription making it easier for them to get what they need, fast.
  • If a subscriber needs to make an update to their order, the login process will be seamless. Once a subscription purchase is made, an email will be sent directly to the customer that will contain a Magic Link. The Magic Link will allow the customer one-click access to their subscription account. The link itself will expire 1 hour after the email was delivered. However, if the customer needs access to the link after the hour, they can resend themselves a new Magic Link.
  • Customer support issues will be reduced with fewer customers being locked out of their account.

Simply put, this feature is a win-win for both you and the customer.

Order Tracking Details are now Surfaced

Subscribers are often eager to get their shipment and therefore monitor their orders progress along the way. In fact 82% of consumers say that it’s important that retailers update them during every stage of the fulfillment process. Knowing this, we are now surfacing order tracking details in the subscribers subscription history within the Customer Portal.

When a subscription order ships and tracking information is available within Shopify, the carrier and tracking numbers as well as a click-through URL tracking will be available within the Upscribe Customer Portal. This allows subscribers to easily track and manage their order so they can be informed when it will be delivered. If no tracking information is available, it will be indicated to the customer. This level of detail provides subscribers with the transparency that they are looking for, while eliminating any potential customer service tickets with subscribers asking for the status of their order.

Order Tracking

Gather Strong Insights, Faster

In addition to these changes that deliver a better customer experience for your subscribers, we have also enhanced our reporting features to deliver a better experience to you. The updated features and insights are designed to provide you the information that you need to take your business to the next level.

Our enhanced dashboard allows you to easily understand the health of your subscription business with a quick glance. Clearly see analytics comparisons and callouts on the dashboard, including a graph line to indicate an improvement or decline in specific metrics. This provides you the ability to more seamlessly understand how your business is pacing for an individual time period. A deeper understanding of your business will allow you to influence key marketing and business decisions with ease.


Going hand-in-hand with these updates, you can now drill down into customer-level details within the merchant portal.

Understanding the LTV of a customer allows you to:

  • Shape more strategic marketing initiatives by personalizing messaging tailored to their specific needs.
  • Become more prescriptive in terms of what the subscriber may want and need based on previous learnings from subscribers in a similar cohort.


Gaining a deep understanding of the value of each one of your subscribers is a key part to growing and scaling your subscription business and with this update, you can do just that.

We’re eager to see and hear how these new features help you grow your business. If you are not yet using Upscribe and are ready to explore our product further, reach out to us to set-up a demo!