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How to Leverage Klaviyo to Build or Grow Your Subscription Business

By now the secret is out. Klaviyo is the marketing engine behind many leading Shopify brands’. If you are not familiar with Klaviyo, it is a powerful marketing software that allows businesses to develop and deploy personalized messaging to customers in a few clicks.

Since Klaviyo brings in historical shopping and behavioral data from Shopify, it is simple to identify and build different segments of your customers; from your VIP customers, to one-time purchasers, to those customers who have not purchased from you in a long period of time. Once you have built your segments, it becomes easy to deploy personalized messaging and drive growth.

And whether you are new to selling subscriptions on your Shopify store or have been selling subscriptions for a period of time, Klaviyo can help you identify and upsell subscriptions to your current customers and email subscribers. Read on to learn about three ways that you can leverage Klaviyo to build and or grow your subscription business:

Create a segment of your VIP customers who are not yet subscribers.

If you are new to selling subscriptions, the best way to build your subscriber base is to tap into your most valuable customers. And if you are already selling subscriptions, it’s likely that some of your most valuable customers have not purchased a subscription from your brand just yet.

In order to try to capture some of your VIP customers into subscription purchasers, you should start by building a specific segment of your VIP customers who are not yet subscribers. Maybe VIP means that they have spent a certain amount of money with your brand or have made a certain number of purchases from your brand over a defined period of time, but have yet to purchase a subscription. Define your VIP segment in a way that makes sense for you.

After you have completed building your VIP customer segment, you need to take it a step further and send them an email talking about the value of your subscription products. Maybe these VIP members did not know about your subscription offering, so use this as an opportunity to educate them about it. Tapping into your most valuable customers to drive subscription growth is a natural place to start building and growing your subscription business since they have already shown that they are engaged with your brand. This is a simple and surefire way to start growing your subscriber base.

Talk about your subscription service in your Welcome Series

A Welcome Series is a powerful way to welcome a new subscriber to your brand and introduce them to what makes you and your products different. The two to three email nurture series provides ample opportunities for you to provide any sort of discount code, talk about your brand story and of course talk about subscriptions!

The truth of the matter is that when a new email subscriber enters into a Welcome Series, they are highly engaged since they just opted into your email series. This makes it the perfect time to strike when the iron is hot and talk about your subscription products. While most brands use the Welcome Series to talk about their brand, it is also the perfect opportunity to sell the value of your subscription products. If you choose to omit the fact that you sell subscriptions from your Welcome Series, you are missing a valuable opportunity and perhaps your only opportunity to promote your subscription offering to this newly subscribed and engaged set of email subscribers.

Create a dedicated email sign-up form and flows specific to subscriptions

Subscription products and services typically require a larger commitment from a buyer since a subscription is a recurring cost and requires more of a commitment from the buyer than a one-off item purchase. As it stands today, an average ecommerce purchase conversion rate is around 2%. Knowing this, it would be beneficial to enable an email sign-up form on your site specifically dedicated towards capturing those visitors who are interested in subscriptions but not yet ready to purchase.

The benefits of creating a dedicated email list for those interested in your subscription offerings are as follows:

  • You build a subscription-specific list. You are able to more easily identify and market to email subscribers that are interested in subscriptions. This means that you can further personalize your marketing and messaging specific to your subscription offering which will likely lead to more of your email subscribers purchasing subscriptions from your brand.
  • Targeting becomes even easier. You can drill down further with your data by leveraging Klaviyo’s powerful segmentation builder. Instead of segmenting off of your main email list, you can create segments of email subscribers off of your new dedicated “subscription” email list. This means that you can be much more targeted with your marketing and develop subscription-specific offers which will lead to more email subscribers purchasing subscriptions from your brand.
  • You can customize nurture flows around subscriptions. From creating a dedicated Welcome Series flow triggered off of when a site visitor completes the “subscription” email list form, you can speak directly to the value of your subscription offering. Additionally, you can create a win-back flow aimed at nurturing those subscribers who have churned to try to win them back. Being more precise with your marketing automation efforts will save you time while also helping you to grow your subscription business.

Leveraging Klaviyo to help build your subscription business is a win-win. Rather than trying to market your subscription business on costly and inefficient rented channels, like Facebook or Google, tap into what you already have to either start or continue building your subscription business.

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