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Memorable Moments: Tips for a Better Subscription Experience

When was the last time you put a garnish on something you cooked at home?

Most people only see that extra little flair when they go to a restaurant, but what does it add? It’s not about flavor. It’s about creating a moment that leads to a better experience.

Ecom companies know the value of a good customer experience, and the subscription business model has an even greater opportunity to provide them.

How Moments Can Improve Your Subscription Model

A garnished dish feels special, because it’s an elevated version of something ordinary. There’s nothing more normal than eating a meal, but adding a little decoration and having a waiter hand it to you turns the whole ordeal into a special moment.

In their bestselling book “The Power of Moments,” Chip and Dan Heath define moments as “meaningful experiences that stand out in our memory.”

Isn’t that what subscription businesses want for their customers? To create meaningful memories that stand out and leave customers wanting more?

The problem is that these moments don’t just happen. Garnishes don’t just appear out of nowhere. They take thoughtfulness and intentionality.

According to the Heath brothers, most companies leave moments to chance, which means any positive benefits are left to chance.

We want to help you create special moments for your customers, so you can take control of your subscription experience.

Here are 6 ideas to get you started.

Improve Your Product Packaging

Each delivery that subscription companies make serves as an opportunity to turn a simple moment into a memorable one.

Think about the fact that 40% of modern consumers are more likely to buy again from companies with premium packages. Or take the rising phenomenon of “unboxing” videos on Youtube and other outlets. People like nice packaging so much that they share and tell others about it, a powerful form of social proof.

You can create great moments with your product packaging by…

  • Expressing your brand identity and values
  • Customizing boxes, tissue paper, and other shipping material
  • Marketing new products with unique promos or discounts
  • Including exclusive stickers
  • Connecting with customers using a personal note.

Follow Through on Your Promises

In a recent podcast appearance on the power of moments, the Fmr. Director of Customer Experience at Olipop, Eli Weiss, explained how brands can make their customers feel either good or bad, depending on whether they follow through with their promises.

He explains that subscription services bring customers in with false promises. Things like two-day shipping could help increase one-off transactions, but if you don’t actually provide it, you could ruin your relationship with the customer.

A better business strategy takes into account the whole customer journey, providing little moments that build trust with each interaction. Whatever value propositions you pose, make sure you actually fulfill them.

Make Things Personal

It’s hard to create a moment when your customers don’t think you care about them as individuals.

Personalizing each customer interaction will show that you know, see, and understand their personhood, not just their value as a customer.

Here are a few creative ways to bring some personalization to your moments:

  • Send a handwritten letter with the next product delivery.
  • Use names in communication instead of something generic.
  • Segment your email list so people only get what’s relevant to them.
  • Embrace an omnichannel strategy for support and marketing, so customers can engage with you on their preferred channels.

Surprise Customers With Rewards

In their book, the Heath brothers talk about the value of an appropriate surprise for creating memorable moments.

There is a fine line here, though. It would certainly be surprising if you sent a member of your staff to their house to sing happy birthday, but it probably wouldn’t have the positive effect you want.

Something like a special discount code or other such promotional ideas would probably work better. You can show them that you recognize and appreciate their business, and you won’t get a restraining order in the process.

Show Your Gratitude

The subscription space breeds loyalty and longevity when done well. It’s also incredibly competitive, with even greater growth projected in the near future.

That means your customers don’t have to stick with you. They have other options. Tons of them, even. Showing that you’re grateful for their business can be a powerful way to create a memorable moment for your customers.

Here are a few ideas to help you implement this practice:

  • Create a template and stick with it
  • Keep it short (remember, these are moments, not hours!)
  • Be as specific as possible
  • Offer a way to respond
  • Look to the future

Listen Closely and Respond

Your customer success team will have a great opportunity to turn frustrating moments into positive ones.

Customers go to support because something went wrong. The more you try to understand customer needs, the more you can help solve them. Their narrative changes from “I had this problem with my product” to “the support team made me feel heard and helped me fix the issue.”

According to Zendesk’s research, the key to success here revolves around conversational support through messaging. They explain that “convenient, conversational, and personal messaging promotes ongoing dialogue between customer and company.”

Messaging can happen

  • In-app
  • Through SMS/Text messages
  • Social media.

Each of these saw significant growth between 2020 and 2021, with social messaging leading the charge (110%). More and more businesses are using messaging to create great moments for customers.

Using Software to Improve Your Subscription Business

Research has shown that better customer experiences improve

  • Customer lifetime value
  • Retention rates
  • Customer acquisition costs
  • Customer satisfaction.

The best way to get these benefits is by creating powerful moments that elevate ordinary things to extraordinary levels. Upscribe’s subscription software solution was built to help you achieve these goals and satisfy your customers.

Our analytics dashboard, combined with our merchant and customer portals, gives you insightful data about your customers, guiding you to the moments worth elevating. Our user-friendly onboarding helps you go live quickly, so you can start building better experiences immediately.

The subscription economy shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. Are you ready to stand out from the competition with more powerful moments?

Schedule a demo with us when you’re ready. We’d love to chat about your needs and see how we can help.