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Product Roadmap 2020: What We’re Building and Why

Our product roadmap is driven by a focus on serving the demands of fast-growing eCommerce subscription companies. Top brands are switching to our solution because of its design, functionality, and performance, which give them the edge they need to compete in today’s market.

While customer acquisition is important for growth, we believe retention is the way brands win in 2020 and beyond. That’s why we’ve shipped and will continue to release new features and functionality that enable eCommerce subscription brands to supercharge their retention strategies.

Upscribe leverages research on subscription eCommerce industry best practices as well as feedback from our own merchant customers to update our roadmap. Here’s a breakdown of what we’ve launched so far and what we have up our sleeves for the rest of 2020 to help you get repeat, loyal customers.

What we’ve shipped so far in 2020

Post-checkout upsell

Customer lifetime value is the linchpin of retention metrics and upsells play a huge role in generating revenue from existing customers. That’s why Upscribe launched our native Post-Checkout Upsell feature to make sure brands never leave money on the table.

This feature gives brands the opportunity to increase their average order volume and in turn, their customer lifetime value, by providing customers with upsell opportunities right after purchase.

These upsell opportunities can be customized based on what’s in the cart so you know you’re offering something relevant and compelling every time.

One-Click Upsell or Skip Shipment in Upcoming Shipment Email

One of the ways brands can build hype and make customers as excited for their next order as they were the first time they purchased is to send them interactive emails about their upcoming shipments.

Upscribe’s native Upcoming Shipment Email feature gives brands the opportunity to not only remind them about what’s in their subscription but also upsell them or let them skip a shipment with one-click right from their email.

Customers that want to try another product (i.e.. category, flavor, etc.) can easily add to their next order while customers that have too much product can easily skip a shipment. One-click from email doesn’t require the customer to log into the portal to make any changes.


One-Click Reactivate Subscription in Email

Understanding why customers churn is fundamental to retention, which is why leveraging data to optimize cancellation flows is important. Upscribe’s Reactivate Subscription in Email feature lets you send a post-cancellation survey email to not only collect data but give your customer the ability to reactivate their subscription in one-click from the email.

Sometimes customers may have canceled for the wrong reason, so post-cancellation survey emails are important. But with Upscribe’s one-click reactivate feature, there’s no expectation that customers need to log into the customer portal to do so.

Quantity-Based Discounts

Quantity-based discounts are useful for companies with several products that want to further strengthen the bond between their brand and the customer by incentivizing them to purchase and enjoy more products.

Upscribe launched the Quantity-Based Discounts feature so merchants can give customers discounts based on how many products they’ve purchased. For example, if a customer buys three products they get rewarded with a discount. And if they buy more, the deeper the discount.

The goal is to reward loyal buyers and incentivize repeat purchases. This functionality is completely customizable so brands can decide what quantity-based discounts make sense for their subscription eCommerce business.

Product Type

See ‘minimum quantity of items’ at the top for quantity-based discounts


If you’re a fast-growing subscription eCommerce brand, odds are you have customers outside of the US and Canada. Acquiring and retaining these international customers means you need a different subscription experience tailored to them.

Upscribe’s Localization feature makes it easy for brands to create a localized checkout and customer portal experience for international customers. With this functionality, brands can instantly localize the language, currency, and payment method for customers overseas.

When you’re dealing with money, you want to make the shopping experience as frictionless as possible.

Localization feature

What we have in store for the rest of the year

Unified Customer Portal

The portal experience for customers that buy from subscription-based eCommerce brands still needs improvement. If a customer has a subscription with them but also makes a one-time order, the customer has to manage two different views instead of one when they log in.

That’s why we’ll be launching a Unified Customer Portal feature that combines the subscription customer portal with the one-time order dashboard into one. Customers can engage with their accounts in one view, not two disjointed ones.

One-Click Create Subscription in Customer and Admin Portal

With Upscribe’s upcoming One-Click Create Subscription feature, customers will be able to create subscriptions right in the customer portal without having to go through the entire checkout process.

If customers want to gift a subscription or create a subscription for the same or a different product but have it shipped with a different frequency, they’ll be able to do so with the one-click subscription feature right in the customer portal.

Upscribe will also enable the same functionality for brands so that merchants can create subscriptions in one-click right in the admin portal without having to checkout on behalf of the customer.

Cohort Builder

In order to prevent fatigue or loss of interest, in addition to justifying a recurring charge, brands need to provide a personalized customer experience with multiple touchpoints to engage subscribers throughout their customer lifecycle.

Upscribe’s upcoming Cohort Builder feature will enable you to easily build cohorts of customers based on specific criteria. Criteria could include the number of shipments received, customer lifetime value, or other data points.

Building cohorts will help brands better understand the different customer segments they have so they can better engage and retain them.

What do you do once you’ve segmented them? See below.

Cohort Actions

Upscribe’s upcoming Cohort Actions feature will help you take action on your customer data to improve retention. By leveraging the data from Upscribe’s cohort builder, your eCommerce brand will be able to easily enable specific actions for different customer cohorts.

Brands will be able to decide when and to whom to provide discounts, gifts, products, or other incentives so you can better engage and retain different subscriber segments by leveraging your data to take action.

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