What product categories are best to drive reorders?

Generating reorders help take pressure off your customer acquisition engine and drive profitability. Scroll through this page to understand the product categories that are most suited for Upscribe's reorder solution.

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“The Upscribe Reorder product has helped us generate more revenue, with so little effort! We have a product that people truly like to be reminded they are out of, so it’s a great fit for us! Additionally, working with the Upscribe team has been great!"
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Food & beverage products

Food and beverage products that are regularly consumed are the perfect types of products for reorder. Consumers have their habits as to what types of foods and beverages they consume; whether that is coffee, a protein powder or a favorite snack. These are all products that can and should be regularly reordered without hassle; making Upscribe's Reorder solution the perfect fit to implement for brands that sell these categories.

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Personal care products

Products that are a staple of one's everyday routine, such as makeup, lotion, shampoo, toothpaste and deodorant are strong examples of personal care products that need to be replenished frequently. These types of products lend themselves very well to Upscribe's Reorder product because the consumer would benefit from a frictionless way to reorder the product (if they are not a subscriber).

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Sporting goods & accessories

Whether you are an amateur athlete, a weekend warrior or simply like to stay active, odds are that you have your favorite go-to products that you use when you are active. Products that could fit this criteria include golf balls and tees, pickleballs or running shoes. Consumers tend to reorder the products that they are comfortable performing with so it's best to make it easy for them to reorder them from your website; something that can be done when Upscribe's Reorder solution is leveraged.

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Pet food & accessories

Just like consumable products for humans, pets have their routines and favorite types of foods, supplements and accessories. No matter if you have a dog or cat, our pets develop habits. Once you find a food or treat that they love, their owners tend to order it for their pet over and over, making this category an ideal candidate for Upscribe's Reorder product.

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