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Upscribe vs. Other eCommerce Subscription Solutions

Managing subscriptions is table stakes. If that’s all you’re looking to do, other solutions will work just fine. Upscribe thinks about eCommerce subscriptions in an entirely different way - we’re designed to help fast-growing brands move beyond managing subscriptions to growing subscribers, increasing LTV, and reducing churn.

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Others are for managing subscriptions. Upscribe helps you grow them.

Upscribe is designed for fast-growing eCommerce subscription brands. We could list out a feature to feature comparison, but you can easily review the critical features we know fast-growing subscription brands need here.

Upscribe’s best-in-class out-of-the-box, yet customizable platform, was built based on what today’s fastest-growing brands told us they wanted to power their subscriptions - a platform to easily and seamlessly grow subscriptions, LTV, and reduce churn to scale their business and operations.

Thanks to its customizability, Upscribe gives us more conversion funnel control. Switching to Upscribe resulted in significant conversion rate gains that were not possible on our prior solution.

Ryan Currie, Head of Growth @ Ready, Set, Food!

Focus on growth with a product, support, and technology that allows you to scale, seamlessly.

Fully Integrated With Shopify Checkout

Seamless and robust subscription checkout. Offer bundles, prepaid subscriptions, and trials to your customers. We also built native post-checkout upsells, so no need to use a separate app

Four Sigmatic Customer Portal

A Best-in-Class Out-of-the-Box Customer Portal 

Easy to use from the start with all the tools you need to customize colors, fonts, and sizes to deliver a pixel-perfect branded subscriber experience. Forward-thinking features like “Edit Next Shipment” enable easy gifting, and “Nested Cancellation Flows” reduce customer churn.

Supercharged Merchant Portal

Your support team will blaze through tickets with filtered search and change logs to fully understand your customers’ actions. We let you easily add, merge, or divide subscriptions, and more helpful admin tools.

Robust Merchant Admin Tools

Nudging your customers has never been easier. Upscribe’s subscription management emails (in addition to transaction emails) reduce churn. Programmatic discounts and easy onboarding, engagement, and retention campaign flows improves customer experience.

Fast and Reliable Technology with 99.9% Uptime

Upscribe’s technology stack is built with state-of-the-art security and lightning-fast speed, with HTTPS and AES-256 level encryption and 99.9% uptime, helping you scale your business securely.

Native Integrations to Support Your Subscription Business

Our native integrations with non-core subscription features ensure you have a comprehensive subscription platform to run and scale your business on, with no need for third-party apps that cost you extra. 

White-glove support to help you when you need it

Customer support is integral to our offering, not separate. We don’t believe you should pay extra to get the high-touch support you need like other solutions do because support is foundational to our partnership with you.

Straightforward pricing

Upscribe charges a nominal monthly fee and a percent per transaction, so you always know what you pay. Other solutions charge merchants a flat rate per transaction like payment provider solutions.

Straightforward pricing

Upscribe charges a single fee–a percent per transaction, so you always know what you pay. ReCharges charges merchants three separate fees–a percent per transaction, a flat rate per transaction, and a monthly fee.


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