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Save time and money when you choose to grow your Shopify subscription and retention business on Upscribe. Get access to all of the features and service that you need to grow, with no hidden transaction or support fees.

Monthly fee
$499 (Pro)
$499 (month-to-month or $399 if entered into annual contract)
Percent per transaction
Flat rate per transaction
Priority Support
Custom pricing
Subscriber Experience
Shopify Checkout
Passwordless Login
Hosted enterprise-grade customer portal
Headless support for customer portal
Manage next order (apart from a subscription)
Gift subscriptions
Prepaid subscriptions
Native bundles (variable pricing)
Native build-a-box (fixed pricing)
Native transactional email messages
Native email One-Click Actions (Manage Subscription)
Native transactional SMS messages
Native SMS Quick Reply Actions (Manage Subscription)
Growth Tools
Churn Deflection (Cancellation Flow)
Cohort Actions out-of-the-box (e.g. discount on X shipment, free gift with purchase, etc.)
Conditional out-of-stock customer notifications
Offer free or discounted shipping to subscribers
Customer support activity log
Dynamic pricing to incentivize loyalty
First SKU swapping
Bulk actions
Churn analytics
“Upscribe is kind of like the Apple of subscription software. The user interface, in particular the customer portal, is aesthetically clean and every aspect of the software has been thoughtfully designed. Additionally, the customer support is great, it is so much better than our previous subscription management platform. The team is friendly and always willing to provide us the insights that we need to scale our subscription business."
Matthew Crowder, CMO/CTO, Bionox

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