Increase Customer Lifetime Value. Reduce Churn.

Upscribe is the industry leader in subscription-first eCommerce

We have all the features you’ve come to expect in subscriptions - all within a platform uniquely designed to help you grow subscribers, reduce churn and optimize operations.

Seamless Onboarding

Tired of long and complicated onboarding processes? Get set up and up to speed in less than 10 minutes with a branded experience that’ll delight your subscribers.

Select Theme & Autoinstall Snippets

Onboard quickly and easily without having to manually install themes or snippets.

Automatic Test Plan and Product


Get up and running quickly without creating products and plans from scratch.

Shopify Payments or Other Options

Utilize Shopify Payments, PayPal Express, and Stripe, Shop Pay, Apple Pay, and G Pay coming soon. We support Multi-Currency for Shopify Payments.

Bundle Products


Retain your subscribers and give them more control over their experience. Bundle products with discounts or let them gift a subscription to a friend.

Prepaid and Trial Subscriptions


Enable prepaid for subscribers to pay upfront and trials for subscribers to assess your product.

Post-Checkout Upsell


Offer one-time or subscription upsell options post-checkout to increase revenue.

Integrated with Shopify Checkout

Upscribe integrates with Shopify Checkout for a seamless subscription checkout experience.

Best-in-Class Customer Portal

We’ve designed our customer portal to give your customers the functionality they need. Scale revenue while decreasing support time, increasing LTV, and reducing churn.

Editor to Customize Colors, Fonts, and Sizes


Customize the look and feel of your checkout to match your full website experience.

Multiple Customer Portal Themes


Select the customer portal theme that suits your brand and subscription experience best without any custom code.

View All Subscriptions

View all active and inactive subscriptions at a glance.

Edit Subscription Info

Adjust date, frequency, billing and address settings and also leverage one-click skip and ship now options as well as swap product.

Edit Next Shipment


Edit date and address or add a discount for next shipment only.

Add Product


Add product to subscription or next shipment only to increase average order value and display either a collection or all products.

Gift Product


Gift product by editing next shipment address only.

Rename Subscriptions


Let customers rename their subscription with ease.

Nested Cancellation Flow


Retain on-the-fence subscribers with options to delay shipments, change products, and more.

Search with Filtering


Filter data you need quickly based on customer, order or subscription data.

Edit Subscription

Adjust date, frequency, billing, and address settings and also leverage one-click skip and , ship now options as well as swap product.

Add, Merge, & Divide Subscriptions


Add, merge, and divide subscriptions on behalf of customers.

View Upcoming, Processed, and Failed Charges


View upcoming, processed and failed charges at a glance.

Subscription Recalculation & Discount Overrides


Recalculate a subscription and override discounts.

View Change Log


See every change made by your customer or customer success to a subscription.

View Email Log


See every email sent to a customer, all in one place.

Supercharged Merchant Portal

Give your support team everything they need to do their job without the headaches.

Robust Merchant Admin Tools

Get full control over your customer subscription experience.

Subscription Management Emails

Update customers on subscription creation, upcoming shipment, cancellation and reactivation.

Subscription Transaction Emails

Update customers on transaction failure, last charge attempt, expiring credit card, and set the number of  retry attempts.

Programmatic Subscription Discounts


Enable discount changes after a set number of orders to boost loyalty and retention.

Nested Cancellations


Modify your cancellation flows with built-in skip or delay shipment options.

Enable Subscriptions by Variant

Enable subscriptions based on specific product detail variants without manual work.

Easy Campaign Flows - Onboarding, Engagement, Retention


Enable email and customer portal nudges to support onboarding, increase engagement and reduce churn., increase engagement and in the customer portal to support onboarding, upselling, and retention.

Role-Based Access Control


Set up RBAC so the right employees have the info they need without security concerns.


Easily translate customer portal text to capture customers in international markets.

Top Level Metrics

Easily measure the performance and health of your subscription program. See active subscriber and customer count, average subscriber value and total customers subscriptions.

Visual Graphs

See simple visualizations to gauge the health and growth of your subscription program. New vs. cancelled subscriptions, active subscriptions, revenue, new orders and finished subscriptions.

Export Data


Export data as needed or leverage webhooks to pipe data to your analytics solution of choice.

Advanced Analytics

Get powerful insights from your data.

Integrate with the best-in-class solutions

Upscribe’s native integrations with non-core subscription features help you run your business seamlessly, with an open API to connect to any other solutions you need.

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