Increase Customer Lifetime Value. Reduce Churn.

Upscribe is the industry leader in eCommerce subscription technology.

Our product roadmap is driven by a focus on serving the demands of fast-growing brands.

Upscribe gives your customers the ability to manage subscriptions–skip a shipment, add or swap products, and countless other features. But that’s table stakes. Read on to see how our product drives subscriber growth, increases customer LTV, reduces churn, and optimizes operations.

Grow Subscribers

Upscribe makes it easy to grow your subscriber count with functionality that makes converting customers into subscribers seamless.

Membership Pricing

Ability for customers to get pricing for one-time products once subscribed.

Trial to Subscription

Offer your subscription products as a trial that later converts to a subscription.

Prepaid Subscription


Offer your customers the option to prepay for any length of time upfront.

Onboarding Campaign Flow


Build email campaign flows to ensure your subscribers know how to not only manage their subscription, but also engage with your product and brand.

Mid-Checkout Upsell

Upsell products prior to purchase before completing the checkout process to be included in the same order.

Post-Checkout Upsell

Upsell products post-checkout and have the product included in the same order. If the customer doesn’t add the upsell, downsell products and still have the product included in the same order.

Email Upsell

Upsell products in the Upcoming Shipment Email. Customers can add products with one-click without needing to log into the customer portal.

Create Subscription In Portal

Customers can create subscriptions within the customer portal without having to go through the checkout process again. Also available to your team in the admin portal.

Customer Portal Upsell

Provide another opportunity to showcase your products post-purchase by selecting specific products or collections of products to upsell in the customer portal.

Upsell Campaign Flow


Build email campaign flows to upsell products to existing subscribers leveraging our cohorts or other data.

Cohorts + Actions


Build cohorts of customers based on specific criteria including the number of orders received, customer LTV or other relevant data points. And take actions based on specific cohorts including discounts, gifts, or other incentives.

Customer Portal Themes


Select from several best-in-class themes relevant to your brand, product and CX.

Increase LTV

Get more out of the subscribers you already have with features that make it effortless to upsell the right customers on the right products at the right time.

Reduce Churn

Save at-risk customers with functionality designed to ensure no stone is left unturned when it comes to retaining a subscriber, with features that help you proactively take action.

Cancellation Flow in Portal

Understand why customers churn with fully customizable cancellation surveys that have built-in actions including skip shipment, change products, or other strategies.

Next Shipment Flexibility

Give customers the ability to easily make changes to the next shipment only–change the shipping address when traveling, try out a new product one-time, and others through email or portal.

Unified Customer Portal

Combines the subscription customer portal with the one-time order account dashboard into one. Customers can engage with their accounts in one view, not two.



Communicate with customers via SMS and give them the ability to easily manage their subscriptions on the go.

Churn Campaign Flow


Leverage customer event tags to determine the potential for churn and build email campaign flows to reduce churn post-cancellation with the option to reactivate with one-click.

Customer Portal Themes


Default themes specific to industry, SKU count and other criteria.

Bulk Edit Subscriptions

Enable merchants to edit similar subscription aspects in bulk.

Pricing-level Subscriptions

Enable merchants to provide discounts based on price.

Recalculate Subscriptions

Recalculate subscription pricing by resyncing product pricing, shipping, and/or taxes with your settings in Shopify, for when you want to update ‘grandfather’ pricing or for other pricing updates.

Merge or Divide Subscriptions

Give your team the ability to help customers who may have created more than one subscription accidentally or need to split their subscriptions.


Upscribe delivers more accurate attribution and more detailed data to your reports. Use our integrations with several solutions to export data to the solution of your choice.

Store Management


Role-based authentication as well as manage multiple stores in one admin portal.

Help Desk


Customer success can manage subscriptions in your help desk solution without having to log into the Admin Portal.

Optimize Operations

Free up your team’s time with features that help them focus on customer success and growing your business instead of customer support or inefficient tasks.

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