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Advanced Analytics

Want better insights from your data without having to piece different sources together? Upscribe’s dashboards and webhooks make it easy to export and understand your data.

  • Understand attribution better
  • Measure the performance of your subscription program
  • Visualize the health and growth of your subscriptions

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Get powerful insights from your data

Measure performance

  • Top-level metrics: See the health of your subscription program with metrics like active subscriber count, average subscriber value, total subscriptions, and more.

Visualize growth

  • Visual graphs: See simple visualizations to understand subscription growth like new vs. cancelled subscriptions, active subscriptions, new orders, and more.

Analyze your data

  • Exports & webhooks: Export data into your solution of choice or pull it through webhooks without trying to piecemeal it together.

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“In recent months, up to 70% of our US online sales revenue comes from members, so we rely on Upscribe a lot. Our active subscriber count has grown by over 50% since moving to Upscribe.”

Kaitlin Holliday  , Sr. Manager of Retention

Kaitlin Holliday
Sr. Manager of Retention

Four Sigmatic