Improve Retention, Engagement, and LTV

Effortlessly reduce churn, improve engagement, and increase LTV.

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Save at-risk customers and boost retention

Retain on-the-fence subscribers with automated flows and reactivate churned subscribers with reminders.

Automate important notifications: Ensure you don’t confuse or lose subscribers over expiring credit cards, failed transactions, and more.
Retain at-risk subscribers: Use customized nested cancellation flows and data to iterate on retention efforts.
Reactive churned subscribers: Send post-cancellation reminders to reactive recurring revenue.

Engage and delight subscribers at every touchpoint

Deliver a subscription experience that makes customers love you and email support less.

Create a seamless branded experience: Ensure customers have a unified and branded subscription experience.
Offer subscription flexibility and control: Let subscribers make changes to their subscriptions or next shipment.
Make navigating subscriptions easy: Whether it’s viewing subscription history, skipping a shipment, or gifting a subscription, it’s no more than one or two clicks.

Increase average order volume and maximize revenue

Get more out of the customers you already have and make it easy to buy more from you.

Enable one-time order: Allow customers to easily add on-time orders to their subscription cart.
Display your products intelligently and beautifully: Display your products by collections in the customer portal instead of a laundry list of items.
Deliver relevant upsell opportunities: Upsell products to customers based on what’s in their cart or past purchase experience.

See key metrics and company growth at a glance

Analyze your data quickly with powerful analytics, reporting, and flexible export options.

View top-level metrics: Measure the performance of your subscription program with key metrics.
Visualize your data: See simple visualizations to gauge the health and growth of your subscriptions.
Export data easily: Export data or leverage webhooks to pipe data to your analytics solution of choice.

“For people who are looking for a subscription platform where you can make what you need versus what you get, Upscribe is a really great choice.”
Ryan Currie Head of Growth

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