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Leading eCommerce companies are choosing Upscribe to power their subscriptions. A powerful platform with no hidden transaction fees? That's the Upscribe difference.

  • 1% per transaction
  • 0$ flat per transaction
  • No additional fees
  • 1% per transaction
  • 0$ flat per transaction
  • No additional fees

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Percent per Transaction1%1%
Flat per Transaction $0$0.19
Other FeesNone$300/mo Enhanced Support

No Flat Transaction Fees

We believe you shouldn’t have to pay a flat fee for each transaction.

Exceptional Support…For Free

We value our merchants and offer top-tier support from Day 1. Our customers will never pay for priority support.

Loved by some of the largest subscription brands on Shopify


How does billing work?

Our $100/month charge is billed through Shopify and our percent transaction fee is billed directly.

Do you negotiate your transaction fee?

Depending on your online subscription revenue, we may negotiate our percent transaction fee.

Do you offer a free trial?

Yes, we currently offer a 30-day free trial.

Do you have monthly and yearly billing options?

We currently offer monthly billing and do not support yearly billing at this time.

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