Increase Customer Lifetime Value. Reduce Churn.

Why top eCommerce subscription brands are switching to Upscribe

Upscribe is built for subscription growth, retention, and high customer LTV - and you can be damn sure our product experience, technology, and support will deliver every single time. 


A better experience for customers and merchants.

Upscribe enables merchants to go from managing to growing subscribers at scale, with an innovative product roadmap informed by market feedback.


Flexible and extensible APIs

Upscribe’s APIs lets you fully customize the customer portal and connect to any relevant third-party apps with onboarding and API docs updated 2x a month. 

100% uptime and lightning-fast speed

Upscribe’s fast and reliable technology delivers a seamless experience for customers and merchants every single time.

State-of-the-art security

Our tech infrastructure and routine maintenance meet the highest security standards, protecting your customer data and brand reputation.

Proven and reliable support

We offer 12-24 hour response times on all tickets from technical staff at no additional cost as well as monthly updates to repos for shared code bases.

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