Get access to the new cheat code in ecommerce: the reorder button

Begin collecting reorders in as little as a single click by joining our Reorder beta program. You will get access to waived licensing fees and be provided complimentary onboarding and ongoing support.

“The Upscribe Reorder product has helped us generate more revenue, with so little effort! We have a product that people truly like to be reminded they are out of, so it’s a great fit for us! Additionally, working with the Upscribe team has been great!"
Heather Higgins Yunger, Owner, Top Shelf Cookies

Why join the Upscribe “Reorder” beta program?

Not all customers want to be locked into a subscription. Provide the flexibility that customers want to seamlessly reorder from you when they want with “Reorder” to boost your profitability. Just a 5% increase in customer retention can increase your businesses profitability by 75%.

By combining “Reorder” with a subscription strategy, you will be able to boost your overall retention business. This will yield strong results given that 65% of a company’s business comes from repeat customers.

As a member of our beta program, your privileges include:

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