Upscribe is launching on the Shopify App Store

Learn how Shopify’s Subscription API impacts your eCommerce business and why you should switch to Upscribe now.


What you need to know about Shopify’s upcoming release


Upscribe was granted early access to Shopify’s API alongside other solutions and has been building an integration since October 2020. To date, Upscribe has been a private, not public app for fast-growing Shopify brands to grow subscribers.


We’ll be launching a lite version on the Shopify app store in May 2021. Feel free to install if you’re an emerging brand (less than $50K/month in online subscription revenue) and only want to enable customers to manage and cancel subscriptions.


Our comprehensive version is slated for release in April 2021 on the Shopify app store. It’ll include everything you need in your checkout experience–from native mid and post-checkout upsells to free shipping discounts.

Unlike other subscription solutions, Upscribe has leveraged Shopify settings from day one–it’s why products, shipping, taxes, and discounts are never duplicated in Upscribe. We’ve always been deeply integrated with Shopify, which is why migrating to Shopify Checkout will be seamless with Upscribe.

Remember that Shopify’s new offering only impacts the subscription checkout process–not the post-purchase experience (Customer Portal or Merchant Portal). And Shopify Checkout requires merchants to use Shopify Pay. Stripe and Braintree are not enabled yet.

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