Confused about the upcoming Shopify Checkout migration mandate? You've come to the right place.

If you run a Shopify subscription business on a legacy subscription checkout platform, learn all that you need to know about Shopify's migration mandate in order to continue to be able to process subscription transactions.

  1. Migration Deadline & Overview
  2. What is Shopify Checkout?
  3. Benefits of Shopify Checkout
  4. How Upscribe Fits In

The Migration Deadline

If you leverage a legacy solution to process your subscription transactions (like Recharge's checkout), Shopify is mandating that by October 18, 2024 you migrate to Shopify Checkout. This means that you will either need to migrate to Recharge's new checkout solution or find another subscription management solution that integrates with Shopify Checkout.

If you are not familiar with Upscribe, we are a retention management solution that helps fast growing Shopify merchants build, grow and scale their subscription and reorder business. To date, Upscribe processes over $1 billion in subscription revenue annually from some of the fastest growing Shopify brands such as Athletic Greens and RYZE Superfoods.

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What is Shopify Checkout?

Shopify Checkout is Shopify's native checkout solution that allows you to accept orders and take payments wherever you sell online. When you sign up to sell online with Shopify, Shopify Checkout comes natively with your subscription with Shopify so as long as you are a Shopify customer, you don't need to purchase any additional software in order to have Shopify Checkout.

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Benefits of Shopify Checkout

Leveraging Shopify Checkout to process your subscription transactions has advantages for your entire business. By enabling Shopify Checkout, you will be able to integrate other third party Shopify apps with Shopify Checkout - allowing you to integrate all of your solutions with Shopify Checkout creating a seamless, more connected experience for you.

Additional benefits of Shopify Checkout include the ability to leverage Shopify Payments, which allow you to accept credit cards and any other form of payment (such as Apple or Google Pay) instantly. Having this enabled will help you boost overall conversion, as according to a recent study, merchants that have Shopify Payments enabled see a lift in conversion by as much as 50% when compared to guest checkout, outpacing other accelerated checkouts by at least 10%.

Shopify Checkout is also faster than other checkout solutions. A fast checkout will make it more likely that customers will make it through the checkout process and convert.

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How Upscribe Fits In

Upscribe is built on top of Shopify Checkout meaning that if you use Upscribe to power your subscription business you will be compliant with Shopify’s new mandate. We understand that this deadline may be causing angst and change is always scary, however if you choose to power your subscription business with Upscribe, we aim to make the migration process pain free. We will white-glove migrate and onboard you onto Upscribe, eliminating any stress and extra work on your team’s plate.

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"We were desperately in need of a new subscription program since our previous one was giving us nothing but headaches. Since our first conversations with Upscribe, it's been clear their team is full of experts who know what they are talking about."
Abi Rein, Operations Manager Awesome Coffee Club and DFTBA

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