Upscribe is built for Shopify brands looking to scale their subscription & retention business

Upscribe has processed over $800 million in subscription revenue from some of the fastest growing Shopify brands

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"Upscribe products provide a clear-cut experience for the end-user that reminds me of Apple’s intuitive design philosophy. Everything’s well thought out on Upscribe’s end with how they build their platform."
Lars Callary, CEO Caldera + Lab

Integrate with Shopify in minutes

Seamlessly download the Upscribe plug-in from the Shopify App store and integrate it with your business to start offering subscriptions in a matter of a few short clicks.

Leverage Shopify checkout

Improve subscription conversion rates by ensuring that all of your orders and payments can be processed by one payment processor which reduces risk and gives you back your valuable time.

Deliver a great CX and treat your Shopify subscribers like royalty

Upscribe was built from a subscribers perspective. Everything that we do is focused on giving you the ability to wow your subscribers in a few short clicks to drive loyalty and reduce churn.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Upscribe work with Shopify?

Yes. Upscribe has been built specifically as a subscription app for Shopify merchants. To explore our listing and download the Upscribe app, please click here.

Does Upscribe work with Shopify Plus?

Yes. No matter which Shopify plan you are on, Upscribe will help you take your Shopify subscription and retention business to the next level.

How do I offer subscriptions for Shopify? 

Upscribe makes it easy for Shopify merchants to turn any one of their products into a subscription product. In order to begin offering subscriptions for your business with Upscribe please download the Upscribe app or request a demo to learn more.

Can Upscribe help me prevent churn for my Shopify Store?

Yes! Upscribe makes it easy to not only reduce churn, but also increase average order size (AOV), order frequency with our one click reorder functionality, and much more.

How much does Upscribe cost for Shopify?

Upscribe is on average 30% less than our competition. It costs $300 a month and takes 1% of each subscription transaction. To learn more about our pricing and how we compare to the competition, please explore this page.

Give your Shopify subscription and retention business the charge that it needs today

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