Switching from Other Solutions to Upscribe is Quick and Easy

We know upgrading your subscription solution takes a lot of thought. You may have had issues with other switches in the past. That’s why our process is different. Our team is with you every step of the way so you can focus on what matters most: delighting your customers.

Switch to Upscribe

Our zero-friction three-step process to get you up and running on Upscribe


Flexible and extensible APIs

Our team connects Upscribe to your Shopifystore

Backend setup

Product and metafield integration

Cart and checkout integration


Configure Customer + Admin Portal

Your team points us in the right direction sowe can do the nitty-gritty work for you

Customize Customer Portal includingbranding, styling, etc

Configure Admin Portal settingsincluding payments, emails,integrations


Test and go live with Upscribe

Zero re-authentication, reactivation, or stresson your side to go live with Upscribe.

We thoroughly test and validate thesubscriber and merchant experience

Seamlessly go live for new subscribers

Our team carefully migrates existingsubscribers over in batches

Upscribe’s innovative solution and superior team made switching from ReCharge a no-brainer.

— Hector Gutierrez, CEO of JOI


How long will it take to get fully up and running on Upscribe?

It takes one week to get setup and configure your settings and another week to go live with new subscribers first andthen migrate existing subscribers.

Will my customers need to do anything when we switch to Upscribe?

No, your subscribersare not required to re-authenticate or reactivate. But they will notice an improvedcustomer portal experience when they login.

Will my customer experience or support team need to do anything when we switch to Upscribe?

No, your team is not required to do anything other than pointing us in the rightdirection on a few inputs on setup. We also offer training to your customer experienceteam on leveraging Upscribe’s additional features and functionality.


Always know what you pay– one fee, not three or more.

*Upscribe will match ReCharge for their flat rate.

Cost Savings Calculator

You’ll be migrating to Shopify Checkout soon. Make the transition seamless by switching to Upscribe first