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Three tips on how to optimize your subscription product detail pages

We all know how difficult it is to get new visitors to your website, let alone trying to get them to actually browse deeply your site and get them to a place where they feel comfortable enough with your brand to make a purchase from it. And the place on your site where most sales are made is known as the product detail page, or PDP. If you are not familiar with the term PDP, this is where a site visitor learns more details about the product; for example what variants (sizes/colors) the item comes in, how much the product costs, what the product looks like and other pertinent product details. And most importantly, the “add to cart” button lives on the PDP, meaning your PDP pages are where your sales come from. These pages are typically accessed by a site visitor clicking into them from a broader product or collection page.

The best ecommerce sites and operators obsess over the content and details that live on their PDP’s and are constantly iterating over minor details. These details include what color the “add to cart” button is, where it is placed on the page, how the copy reads, and what color the font is for example. A well crafted PDP can be the difference between a visitor turning into a customer or bouncing from your site and never coming back again.

And with it getting more expensive than ever to acquire new customers for your site, if you are fortunate enough to get a visitor on your PDP, you need to do everything that you can to convert this visitor into a paying customer and subscriber.

Whether you are just getting started launching a subscription product or you have been running a subscription business, you must pay careful attention to the content on your subscription PDP’s. As such, we are going to provide you with three tips for how to create high-powered subscription PDP’s that will drive new subscription business for you.

Clearly communicate what the subscriber is subscribing to

Nothing is worse than making a purchase online and having it show up on your front steps only to find out that it is not what you had expected. This not only creates a poor experience for the subscriber, but it likely creates more work for the business having to deal with customers complaining that they are unhappy with their product because it is not as they expected.

The best way to avoid this situation in the first place is to carefully outline on the PDP the details of the product; everything from the size of the item being purchased to the cadence that they are subscribing to receive the product on (for example every 30, 60 or 90 days). Additionally, this is the place on your site to put suggestions as to how the item should be used as well as listing the ingredients in the product (if applicable) and the cost of it.

Upscribe customer True Botanicals does a tremendous job clearly outlining this all for prospective customers.

True Botanicals

Not only does this PDP have vibrant imagery, but the copy that goes along with it is informative and clearly spells out what the subscriber will be signing up to get from them if they choose to subscribe. These elements give the subscriber the confidence that they need to make the purchase because it provides them with everything that they would need (and more) to make an informed decision as to whether or not they should subscribe to this product.

Make it frictionless for the subscriber to checkout

You can lay everything out perfectly from a copy, imagery and information standpoint on the PDP, but if you make it difficult for a customer to checkout, then they will likely not go through with the purchase. Making it frictionless for a customer to checkout is imperative. In order to make this experience as frictionless as possible, you should:

  • Make the “add to cart” or “checkout” button pop and stand out from the rest of your PDP. This will help the subscriber clearly understand where they can make a purchase on the page.
  • Add a “Shop Pay” checkout option on the PDP. It is estimated that Shop Pay can increase conversion rate by as much as 1.72x times compared to a traditional checkout.

To see an example of this in action, let’s look at Upscribe customer Awesome Coffee Club.

Awesome Coffee Club

As seen in the above example, they have a simple PDP that has a clear “add to cart” button and has a Shop Pay enabled. As a site visitor, it is very clear how you can begin the checkout process thanks to the contrasting “add to cart” button. Similarly, the “Shop Pay” button is prominently featured making it seamless for those with Shop Pay to checkout and become a subscriber.

Offer a validation to your visitors that you back your product

Nobody wants to subscribe to a product that they are not certain that they are going to like. Getting a visitor to subscribe to your product is a bit more challenging than getting someone to purchase from you one-time since a subscription is recurring. As such, it’s important to include any social proof (in the form of reviews) or brand guarantee right on the PDP.

RYZE Superfoods

RYZE Superfoods does a tremendous job showcasing site visitors a 30-day money back guarantee right underneath the “get started” button. This gives a subscriber confidence that if they don’t like their purchase, RYZE will offer them their money back. And this statement will likely instill confidence in those that are on the fence about subscribing over the fence and into becoming a subscriber.

Additionally, RYZE showcases social proof, in the form of the number of 5 star reviews right underneath the product name. The combination of these two elements equips prospective buyers with enough confidence to likely try the product. Although these are subtle parts of the PDP, they go a long way in helping to increase your conversion rate.

Paying careful attention to how you craft your subscription PDP is a major factor in determining the overall success of your business. The three suggestions that we outline above are core suggestions for you to think through as you build and iterate on your PDP. Ready to learn more about Upscribe? Sign up for a demo here.