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Use our free subscription tools, quizzes, and calculators to help you plan ahead to maximize your subscription goals.


ROI Calculator

Just starting to explore adding subscriptions to your Shopify store? or are you evaluating Upscribe vs. other solutions? Check out our free ROI calculator here.

Subscription Revenue Calculator

Are you thinking about launching an ecommerce subscription business but you don’t know how much revenue it will generate? Leverage our free calculator to calculate how much revenue you could be making.

What type of subscription should you offer?

Not sure what type of subscription is best for you? Take our free quiz to find out!

How much should you charge for a subscription?

Not sure how much to charge for your subscriptions? Use our free calculator to find out.

Monthly savings over Recharge subscriptions calculator

Tired of Recharge? Find out how much you can save by switching to Upscribe.

Reorder Quiz

Determine if Upscribes ‘Reorder’ solution is a good fit to help you grow your customer reorders.

customer retention calculator

Customer Retention Calculator

How is your customer retention? Calculate your retention rate here.

Ecommerce Conversion Rate Calculator

How is your ecommerce websiite conversion rates? Calculate and benchmark your conversion rate here.

"Adding Upscribe Subscriptions to our website has been an awesome move! It's user-friendly and simple for our customers to use. Plus their support team is super helpful and quick at solving any issues that might come up."
Brady Martinez, Ecommerce Manager at Sullen Art Collective

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