Start turning your new subscribers into brand loyal subscribers

Learn strategies and tactics to run to turn new subscribers into brand loyal subscribers that stick around for the long run

  1. Deploy a "new subscriber" specific welcome series
  2. Reward new subscribers with a "surprise and delight"
  3. Send a "Thank You" Note

New Subscriber Welcome Series

A Welcome Series is an email sequence (often deployed through your email software, like Klaviyo) that is intended to welcome new subscribers. It is a 2-3 email sequence that is sent over a 5-8 day period that welcomes new subscribers to your brand. It can educate new subscribers more about your brand in addition to helping them understand how to use your products/services.

Sending an engaging "welcome" message to new subscribers is so important because this is one of the first touch-points that a new subscriber has with your brand. It is the perfect opportunity to make a strong first impression. If you customize your Welcome Series message specifically to your new subscribers by providing them an overview of what to expect now that they are a subscriber, they will be more likely to engage with your brand and stick around.

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"Surprise and Delight" New Subscribers

Since subscribers are some of your most valuable customers due to their high LTV and predictable monthly revenue, the more subscribers you are able to turn into brand loyal subscribers, the more revenue you will be bringing in every month. And obviously, the more revenue you are capturing each month, the better it is for the longevity of your brand.

Knowing this, put your best foot forward to "surprise and delight" new subscribers. This surprise can take a few different forms. Perhaps you want to send them a special discount code for a percentage off of their next non-subscription order or you could send them a special gift with their second or third shipment. Little tokens of appreciation like this go a long way towards building brand loyalty with your new subscribers and will keep them from churning.

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Thank Your Subscribers

The same way that you would send a thank you note to someone that sent you a gift or did something nice for you, you should send a "thank you note" to new subscribers. Sending a personalized message to anyone that becomes a subscriber will go a long ways in turning these subscribers into brand-loyal subscribers.

With competition for customers at an all-time high, you must put your best foot forward and treat every one of your subscribers as if they are your most important and special subscriber. The "thank you" note can be simple and thank them for becoming a subscriber as well as provide them with information around what to expect now that they are a subscriber.

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"Upscribe products provide a clear-cut experience for the end-user that reminds me of Apple’s intuitive design philosophy. Everything’s well thought out on Upscribe’s end with how they build their platform."
Lars Callary, Founder and CEO, Caldera + Lab

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