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Prevent churn before it happens with Upscribe

It’s no secret that acquiring a new subscriber is capital and time intensive. And once you get that new subscriber, you need to do everything that you can to keep them a subscriber. But sometimes no matter what you do or offer a subscriber they will churn from your subscription program.

Perhaps they had too many of your products, or the price was too high, or they simply needed to take a break from receiving products from your brand. While there are countless possibilities as to why a subscriber would be leaving your subscription program, it is essential that you understand exactly why they are leaving you.

If you are able to understand the reasons as to why your subscribers are leaving, you will be able to adapt your subscription strategy accordingly and retain more of your subscribers even before they think about potentially churning from your program. With Upscribe, you are able to accurately capture insights into why your subscribers are leaving by delivering a cancellation survey in real-time to customers that are churning to ask why they are leaving. You can customize the cancellation reasons in your cancellation survey that you deploy which allows you to get more granular into the cancellation reasons than other subscription solutions in the market.

Cancellation survey

To take this a step further, Upscribe aggregates this information in a centralized dashboard that further allows you to analyze the trends that you are seeing so you can take action on them. No other subscription provider allows for you to see your subscriber churn reasons in a centralized place. Getting access to this data in a single view gives you the information that you need to become a smarter, more efficient business.

Let’s provide an example of how this could play out. As a brand, you decide to deploy a cancellation survey to those subscribers that are churning. And on that cancellation survey, an overwhelming majority of you subscribers that are churning are indicating after their third shipment that the reason that they are churning is because they have too many of your products. Knowing this, you can take action to try to stop the churn from happening in the first place. One tactic that you could deploy is sending an email or SMS message to your subscribers after their third shipment asking if they would like to skip their fourth shipment. This is an example of a smart action that you can take to prevent churn and keep your subscribers in the fold longer just by taking a look at your existing subscriber information.

Churn deflection

Being able to see and then take action on your churn reasons is unique to Upscribe. No other subscription provider allows for you to take customized churn deflection actions based on real-time subscriber insight. This is valuable because it can:

  • Help prevent churn from happening before a subscriber even thinks about leaving you
  • It gives you valuable insight into the specific reasons as to why subscribers are leaving so you can take specific actions to stop it
  • Provide your subscribers with a powerful and personalized customer experience that could drive brand loyalty

While churn is the enemy of any subscription business, it is bound to happen. As a business operator, you must do whatever you can to minimize churn. And in order to minimize churn, you must understand why subscribers are leaving you. Upscribe gives you the data that you need to understand why your subscribers are leaving so you can take action on it to help prevent churn in the first place. Ready to learn more about Upscribe’s powerful churn deflection actions? Sign up for a demo here.